Episode 143: Halloween - Phobias part 1

October 29th, 2012

This week Amber leads on a fearful run as we shudder and flee the subject of Phobias.  How can they be represented in your game?  What advantages are there to having such a crippling quality?  Find out this week and next.

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Episode 142: Third year Wrap-Up

October 22nd, 2012

That's right.  We've completed 3 years of your favorite podcast of interdimensional exploration and adventure.  This week we look back over all the episodes we've done.  We are joined by Richard Tucholka who give us a lot of insight into his newly released products, some Tri Tac Lore, and what is planned for next year.

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Episode 141: Bureau 13 Training Missions Part 1

October 14th, 2012

This week we begin our assignment of creating effective Bureau 13 training mission.  These are missions that are designed to evaluate some aspect of a Bureau 13 team's performance, perhaps to allow them to be given high security rating or more difficult missions.  The crucial aspect is that these are not "real" supernatural incidents, even though the supernatural may be part of the trapping of the mission or supernatural forces were used to in support of the scenario. 

Each host was tasked with creating a bureau 13 training mission.  In this episode Trav and Blix present theirs.

There will be a delay in the conclusion of this episode because next week is our 3rd year anniversary.  We have a special show for that.  The following week is a special Halloween episode.  So the 2nd part of this episode will drop the first Sunday in November.

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Tri Tac at Dragon*Con 2012

October 8th, 2012

Bruce and Blix talk about our time running games at Dragon*Con 2012. This was originally a ConMen PodCast episode but it was so full of Tri Tac goodness we decided that you would like to hear it. When you get done with this episode make sure to check out the ConMen at conmenpodcast.com and look for us on iTunes and Facebook.

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Episode 140: Hatsumi Base FD 0-2 part 2

October 7th, 2012

This week we finish our discussion of what was life like during the very early years after the discovery of the Fringe Portal in the antarctic.

We discussion the construction of Hatsumi base,  political ramifications of the portal discovery,  contact with intelligent aliens, and contamination of Earth Prime and other worlds by unthinking actions of the early explorers and the Victorians.

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