Episode 139: Hatsumi Base FD 0 - 2 part 1

September 30th, 2012

This week we return to our user questions.  What happened after the Fringe Portal was discovered in the Antarctic until the first expeditions ventured out onto the Fringepaths?

Turns out it was a political hotbed.  We discuss the initial construction of access to the portal as well as possible alternatives to Hatsumi base as a starting point for your campaign.

This is part one.  We will finish next week.  Please leave us comments and futher questions on our Facebook pages and especially a review at Itunes!

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Episode 138: Time to Die?

September 22nd, 2012

This week we step back from the trenches and catch a load of shrapnel as we discuss Character Deaths:  When is it okay for a character to die.  What kind of deaths are meaningful.  What kind of campaigns support memorable character deaths. 

We have Erik Spahr from the TravCast visiting this week as well.

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Episode 137: Tangents, Backstories, and Side Quests

September 16th, 2012

this week we are distracted by all the things that take us away from the main quest line.  What are these things and can we eat them?  "SQUIRREL!"

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Episode 136: Gencon 2012

September 9th, 2012

Almost Dead from Gencon 2012!  We recorded this about 2AM on Saturday right after Savage Saturday Nights. 

We ran 10 demos of Tri Tac Games this year, at least half using the Savage Worlds System, two using d20 Modern and even 2 using the original Tri Tac rules by Richard Tucholka, himself.

This was the first time all the podcast hosts were physically in the same room together.

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HardWired Hinterland 1 Part 5

September 9th, 2012

We continue to re-broadcast the John Reiher's SundaySkyper, Sunday Brunch episodes of HardWired Hinterland Actual Play.  In episode 5 we have a knock down, bone breaking, bare fist fight between one of our heroes and a great ape.  Who will break a bone first?  Will it end in a knockout or will it go to the bloody end?

The descriptions are realistic so you were warned.

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Episode 135: Fringeworthy, Bringing it all together part 3

September 2nd, 2012

This week we finish our summary of creating a great fringeworthy campaign.  It draws from all the 132 podcasts we've done so far.  We know that our early episodes, while still available at the podbean site, are not always accessible through itunes or other podcatchers.  We hope that this summary will help remind experienced gamemasters what to keep essential in their games and will be a good resources for fledgeling gms, especially new Fringeworthy GMs.

This will be the end of our summer schedule.  Now that Dragoncon is behind us, we will be returning to our full hour long format after this.

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