Episode 105: Tziel - Fringeworthy Race developed

January 30th, 2012

This week we continue our series on the Fringeworthy Races with the Tziel, a lizard men like race.  Trav, John, and Bruce delve into their culture, biology, and birthing practices to bring them far above the easy cliche of the stalward native companion.

This was a lot of fun and a lot of surprises.  Thanks for all the questions.

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Gencon Indy 2012 Game Sessions

January 23rd, 2012

This is the second half of episode 104, but just in case you want to keep it separate, here's all the gencon 2012 sessions (except the b13 one John didn't get done) we will be running.  We will be posting a lot more info on these sessions, plus product art for the new releases as we get closer to Gencon.  Keep watching here and on our facebook pages.  Search for our groups: Fringeworthy RPG Fans, Bureau 13; Agents Everywhere, and Fans of the Tri Tac Podcast.

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Episode 104: Super Rich Characters Part 2

January 23rd, 2012

This week we finish our discussion about how to play Super Rich characters in your games, how they can transform a game, support the party, and generally bring the awesome.

Then we have a special segment where we detail most of the gencon 2012 sessions in Indianapolis.  Plus for no additional charge, we have an interview with Richard Tucholka detailing his new releases scheduled for Gencon, including the very first Canadian space rpg!

How can our prices be this low?  Then get this:  Richard Tucholka will personally be running 2 game sessions at Gencon.  Be one of the lucky ones to get into his game sessions.  They will knock your socks off!

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Episode 103: Super Rich Characters part 1

January 16th, 2012

This week we have Eric from the Travcast telling us how to run awesome super rich characters.  Next week we will conclude with answering a comment from our facebook page about this and how to implement super rich characters in your campaigns and game systems.

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Episode 102: Bureau 13 through the Ages Part 2

January 8th, 2012

This week we continue our exploration on how to run Bureau 13 in different eras in its history.  We go from the 1920's to the future.

One correction is there was 2 published artifically enhanced human pieces.  The Augumented Man, Hells Night by Richard Tucholka is the best reference.  The Battle Body Implants, Stalking the Steel City by Bruce Sheffer was not a complete adventure but was a character addition to Bureau 13 lore.

We will be doing more elaborate podcasts on these eras in the future.  Please feel free to contact us on what questions you have or areas you wish us to elaborate in those podcasts.

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Episode 101: Bureau 13 through the ages part 1

January 2nd, 2012

This week we travel back to the beginnings of Bureau 13 and discuss how running a campaign would be different depending on when it was run from post civil war to the future.

this is part 1.  We will be completing this discussion next week.

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