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The gutter skypes are at it again.  This is their 3rd session of Fringeworthy and has nothing to do with the prior sessions except the same pc characters.  There is a lot of banter before the actual game, so you might want to skip ahead about an hour.


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1 Year Anniversary

This is it folks, our one year episode. We talk about where the podcast came from, where it is now, and where it's going. We discuss our goals for the next year, our changes to format, and the future direction of Tri Tac Games. We also discuss the end of the Fringeworthy PodCast and the birth of the Tri Tac PodCast. This is an episode you don't want to miss!

No notes this week as we spend most of the time jibber jabing.


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This week, we're talking about what it takes to make your NPCs, or Non-Player Characters, more memorable to your players. How to make them more than just 2D cutouts, and more like living and breathing people. Of course, some NPCs will always be stereotypes, like nightwatch guards, Minions #21 and #24, and other "background characters". We also talk about the pitfalls of recurring NPCs, NPCs the players will shoot on sight, and how to handle organizations that can act like a NPC. So, sit back, have a cup of tea or other favorite beverage, and listen to the podcast!


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We continue our discussion of the various wandering races and groups that you might meet in interdimensional space.


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Where do they come from?  They won't say.  Where are they going?  They don't care.  Join us as we explore the many races of beings that live not on a world but in the very interdimensional spaces and roadways that connect the universes.

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode to be finished next week.

01:40 - The races of the Fringepaths and fringe weather.

02:20 - What is a fringe walker and where do they come from?

06:00 - Dalek on the Fringepath.

08:38 - Character concept of a fringe walker.

09:00 - Goin' walkabout and the 1000 portal stare.

10:40 - Fringe Gypsies; culture and evolution.

20:40 - Ways to use fringe walkers for non-regular players.

22:00 - Use fringe walkers to introduce new tech and concepts piecemeal.

23:40 - Don't forget to use the extended lifespan aspect (1:20).

24:45 - Survivors from the Common Wealth war.

26:20 - What races are we dealing with?

27:10 - Slargs, biological weapon to use against the mellor.

28:30 - The old men.

33:45 - More on Slargs... yum yum...

40:40 - Kegak, bane of the Fringepath. Comic material

53:13 - Brupians, they grow on you.


Lots and lots of great adventure and campaign ideas in this episode.

This could be our funniest episode ever but Jay Hailey gets the funniest podcaster award for this one!


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This is the second actual play episode for the Gutter Skype Fringeworthy game.  The actual Fringeworthy content doesn't start until 1:12:00.


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