Episode 17: Fringe enabled vehicles

March 7th, 2010

This week we do part 1 of our study of what options for vehicles that actually can work on the Fringepaths. (Links will be added soon!)

1:09 Introduction: Fringe enabled vehicles. The problems and pitfalls.

2:09 In the beginning, we talk about the history of vehicles on the pathways.

2.31 Bicycles: Mountain, Touring bikes. Why bikes are easy to use on the pathways. You can carry much more and tow trailers. We mention Modular bikes and custom built bikes.


6:12 The Human Car.


8:00 Converting a railway car for the Fringe paths.



10:33 Walking, the ultimate travel method.

13:20 Flywheel storage vehicles. Traditional Flywheels. High Tech Flywheels. Gyrobuses, electric power.


19:03 Compressed Air vehicles. The Air Car. The City Car.


24:48 Wind Powered vehicle: The Wing Sail Car. Air Currents on the Fringe Path. Vento Mobile.



30:26 Time to travel doesn't matter, unless it does. Especially when you're being chased by Fringe Pirates.

33:36 Flying to the portal. Using a Sail Plane glider to travel. Or, get a flying squirrel suit and fly like Superman!


45:41 Steam Power! Victorians use steam power to travel the pathways. Steam buses, steam lorries. The Victorians use a custom built vehicles. You need to recycle the steam otherwise you run out of water. Steam car in a day. The Stanley Steamer.


54:24 Gas powered turbines. Limitations of using them on the pathways.


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