Episode 11: Dinosaurs

January 24th, 2010

RRRAAAAWWWWW!!!!!! This week your intrepid hosts sink their teeth into adding dinosaurs to your favorite interdimensional exploration game. We talk about how to run a dinosaur infested world, and more importantly, how to survive in one. 

For all you need to know about dinosaurs Wikipedia - Dinos, Wikipedia - Megafauna DinoBase, Natural History Museum and Dino Art.


02:00 – The time shifted angle. What would be the attitude that dinosaurs would most likely take towards travelers.

11:25 – Capturing samples from past to study in the future.

12:20 – Hi-tech in the dino world.

15:00 – Intelligent dinosaurs.


18:43 – Fringe dinos. Dinosaurs that have traveled the fringepath or were put there by the tehrmelern

19:45 – Tzel, dino race?

20:00 – Other planets like Venus & Mars having dinos.


22:45 – Hollow earth type world.

24:30 – How to kill a T-Rex.

26:20 – Megafauna. A little closer to our timeline but just as fun, cool, and nasty as dinos.

28:45 – Dinosaur environments.

30:00 – Dino-Plants! Feel free to make up stuff that didn’t actually exist.

31:00 – Alternate ecological. A modern world with evolved dinosaurs.

32:00 – Adventure ideas and wrap up.

 A short one this time but quite interesting, enjoy.

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Episode 10: Inside the Mellor

January 18th, 2010

This episode…. Mellors! We talk about the dreaded mushy monsters of the Fringepaths. You’ll find out why they are so nasty and how to use them most effectively. This is a great episode for player and game masters alike.

00:01:32 - Why mellors are so scary.

00:02:45 - How you should play a mellor.

00:05:35 - The mellor’s goals.

00:06:47 - How mellors can get onto the fringepath.

00:07:25 - Can an old mellor travel on the fringepaths in his natural form and why can’t mellor travel on the paths?

00:09:55 - Psionics vs. mellors.

00:11:25 - The purposes/jobs of the old mellors and how they were able to accomplish them.

00:15:25 - What mellors are like when they turn.

00:19:15 - Why are their different types of mellors?

00:23:00 - Mellor hierarchy.

00:25:45 - What happens when a party makes “contact” with mellors.

00:29:18 - How each type of mellor operate.

00:38:28 - All about the mellor’s shape change ability.

00:44:50 - How experienced a party should be before they run into mellors.

00:48:10 - Info for the game master on how to use the mellor.

00:50:45 - Mellor as other “monsters” like zombies, vampires, and demons.

00:53:10 - Mellors as conquers.

00:54:48 - Variant mellors. Mellors that are affected by the creatures they try to imitate (mental illness, were-mellors, etc.)

00:59:10 - Mellors aren’t the toughest things you can run into.

01:02:50 - Mellor’s natural enemies.

01:05:17 - Final thoughts on using mellors.

We’d like to invite you to please join the community. Ask questions and make comments! We love to hear from you and when we do, everyone benefits. We really like doing listener question shows so please ask away.

Also, please help support Fringeworthy by spreading the word. Post on your favorite gaming community web site or mailing list about this podcast. Thanks!

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Episode 9 Pirates

January 11th, 2010

Episode 9: Pirates

Arrr, we be talking ‘bout pirates on this episode. That’s right maties, pirates. We be explorin’ the different types of pirates, how they be operatin’, and how to be integratin’ them into a Fringeworthy campaign. Get your tankard of rum and sharpen ye blade; we be settin’ sail for episode 9 laddie.

Ye be findin’ a treasure trove of information ‘bout pirates here and here.


01:20 – What be pirates?

02:32 – If’n we run into pirates, what should we be expectin’?

04:20 – What type of boats do pirates be usin’, and how many in ye crew?

05:00 – What type of base be these pirates havin’?

06:00 – What booty do pirates be takin’?

08:35 – What be privateers?

09:40 – Why gold & silver? Need ye ask!?

11:00 – How would a Fringeworthy team be getting’ around in a pirate world?

13:35 – How do ye get on pirate crew, laddie?

18:45 – What be a Fringeworthy team’s reaction when we be putin’ the other crew to the sword?

21:20 – Do pirate crew be makin’ fer good mercenaries? Arrr!

21:40 – What do you pay a drunken sailor?

24:40 – What does a Fringeworthy team be getting’ out of going into the pirate world?

26:50 – We be talkin’ about running into that scallywag Captain Nemo and dealing with submarines.

34:10 – What about female pirates? Ah, the fair lass of the sea.

36:50 – We be discussin’ the life of a pirate?

37:30 – The role of alcohol vs. water during these times. Arrrr, pass the rum laddie.

40:30 – The awesome parts of being a pirate.

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Year End Episode 2009

January 4th, 2010

Happy New Year fringers! This is another special edition of Fringeworthy the PodCast. We decided to wrap up the year with an episode dedicated to your hosts. We thought you might like to know a little about us and our experiences with Fringeworthy. No real show notes this time around, it’s just us talking freeform. If you’d like to hear our personal thoughts and experiences about Fringeworthy then you are in for a treat. If not, see ya’ next week with a brand new episode in our classic format.


…Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind….


Happy New Year everyone, thanks for listening!

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