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This week we explore how to make a campaign successful if you only have a single player who only wants to run a single character.  This informs the campaign from character design to adventure creation.  Naturally you should also review our series:  Packing for Success that was published in the early days of this podcast.  While we concentrate on Fringeworthy, these issues will be similar no matter what game you are playing.


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This week we examine how to build, maintain, and rescue a cover identity in an exploration or investigation game such as Fringeworthy, Bureau 13, Call of Cthulu, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk or others of the many genres that support this kind of play.


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We start our new format of Fringworthy and other Tri Tac Game products.  First we tell you how to find out important intel from the other side of the Fringeworthy portal without having to risk your all too tender flesh. 

Then we do an intro to Bureau 13, how it fits with Fringeworthy, and how it compares to other modern supernatural rpgs.


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We continue to explore the possibility of adventuring in Japan in the 5th to 11th centuries.  We list a number of helpful reference books for this time.


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Adventuring in the past:  Japan from 5th to 11th century. 

Blix takes us on an journey to the beginnings of Japanese history and culture - before the samurai.  Here you will find powerful emperors, strong men of the mountains, ninja, and maybe a cappa or two.

02:20 - What no Samurai!?

02:40 - Shifting from tribes to cities.

04:19 - How to get along and fit in with the people of this time.

10:20 - Honor, Buddhism, and Bushido.

11:20 - The seat of power.

12:45 - The Golden Age of Japan.

14:25 - Ninjas and politics.


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This week we talk about all the different kinds of vehicles you can use for your land explorations from trucks to assault vehicles and more.

02:00 vehicles have to match the look of vehicles on the world or it will raise notice.

03:00 first recon use dirt bike

05:00 keeping motorcycles quiet (mufflers or electric engine)  Issues with air powered bikes?!v=FgQNRuAaRDk&feature=channel!v=gcZKL_vrw3g&feature=watch_response

07:50 electrifying your electric bike or securing your bike

08:46 Segway across the prairies?


09:31 Don't forget mountain bikes

10:30 Emergency boost from electric motor on standard mountain bike

12:00 ATV

12:20 6 wheeled bug

15:00 using bugs as crawlers

18:50 Larger vehicles (2 wheels means double axle) (for transport, recon, mobile home base)

21:30 armor on vehicles

22:00 The one and only Landmaster

26:30 Exploration vehicles don't have to be commercially feasible so cost isn't a factor.

29:00 Tehrmelern vehicles

30:00 Attack or rescue vehicles

bradley troop carrier



Desert Fast Attack Vehicles?



combat tactical vehicle

Bullet point article on Wizard site for creating stats for vehicles.

39:00 specialty vehicles

bridge building vehicle

road laying vehicle

road train

DUKR (duck)

fire truck

water reclamation vehicle

43:45 antique vehicles can be found on time shifted alternates as new.

47:50 animal mounts still valid on worlds (not on fringe)

55:00 fuel substitutes for diesel engines.


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We showed you which vehicles could work with the standard technology of Earth Prime.  Now we go with the workhouse engine for most fringe exploration before we jump off to the really high tech with gravity powered vehicles, fringe trains, and the fringeworthy people mover.

02:30 – Diesel Engines: The most common and useful type of fringe vehicle.

12:50 – RV that can carry a car.

13:10 – The diesel motorcycle.

19:50 – Cable powered vehicles.

26:50 - Physics disclaimer.

27:50 – Gravity powered vehicle.


 42:45 – Tehrmelern Fringe Trains. EXCLUSIVE SECRET REVEALED!!!!

As promised, to call a fringe train you need two different crystals.  Any two will do except you cannot use the black crystal which is only used for station to station travel on a prime.  However, as per the FW bible, calling the train is also a crystal use with a DL of 5.

55:30 – The Fringe Conveyer.

58:40 – Cat Bus

Challenge: Physics masters, what do you think of the gravity shear drive?


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This week we do part 1 of our study of what options for vehicles that actually can work on the Fringepaths. (Links will be added soon!)

1:09 Introduction: Fringe enabled vehicles. The problems and pitfalls.

2:09 In the beginning, we talk about the history of vehicles on the pathways.

2.31 Bicycles: Mountain, Touring bikes. Why bikes are easy to use on the pathways. You can carry much more and tow trailers. We mention Modular bikes and custom built bikes.

6:12 The Human Car.

8:00 Converting a railway car for the Fringe paths.


10:33 Walking, the ultimate travel method.

13:20 Flywheel storage vehicles. Traditional Flywheels. High Tech Flywheels. Gyrobuses, electric power.

19:03 Compressed Air vehicles. The Air Car. The City Car.

24:48 Wind Powered vehicle: The Wing Sail Car. Air Currents on the Fringe Path. Vento Mobile.

30:26 Time to travel doesn't matter, unless it does. Especially when you're being chased by Fringe Pirates.

33:36 Flying to the portal. Using a Sail Plane glider to travel. Or, get a flying squirrel suit and fly like Superman!

45:41 Steam Power! Victorians use steam power to travel the pathways. Steam buses, steam lorries. The Victorians use a custom built vehicles. You need to recycle the steam otherwise you run out of water. Steam car in a day. The Stanley Steamer.

54:24 Gas powered turbines. Limitations of using them on the pathways.


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This week our hosts discuss how wearing the right protective gear can make all the difference in an encounter.  Straight armor and differences between systems is noted plus protective gear vrs hazards such as fire, noxious fumes, and nerve gas. 

We also discuss the best defense: a good offense - Weapons.  Each host lists his favorite weapon loadouts and why for both general exploration and mellor hunting.

00:01:30 – Equipment as feats that you can buy.

00:02:30 – How body armor works.

Chainmail shark suits. Kevlar. Dragon Armor

00:10:35 – Armoring your vehicle.

Armored Cars

00:14:00 – Other aspects of body armor.

00:16:00 – Armor Proficiency.

00:16:30 – Protection Against Gas

Personal oxygen,  John Varly, Mustard Gas, Nerve Gas

00:24:20 – Favorite Weapons of John Reiher.

AK47, Luger

00:26:05 – Favorite Weapons of Blix

Shotgun, Variable Rounds, M1911

00:28:15 – Favorite Weapons of Bruce Sheffer

.22 Machine GunCalico

00:30:15 – Specialty hi-tech rounds.

Electro Chemical Weaponry Frangible bullets.

00:35:00 – Blix talks assault weaponry.

FN P90

00:36:00 – What’s your weight load?

00:37:10 – John talks about the GE XM-214 Mini-Gun

00:39:50 – What about explosives?

Grenades, Pizio Electric

00:43:10 – 20mm and other big weaponry

20mm Rounds, Maxim Guns

00:46:00 – How would you defend your platform?

00:54:00 – What melee weapon do you prefer?

01:00:00 – What is your favorite Mellor hunting weapon?


A few more links…

D20 Modern Weapons Drive Thru RPG Guns Guns Guns


Challenge: How do you equip you characters for combat? Send us your weapon load and we’ll post it in the show notes or talk about it on an upcoming show!





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Less than Lethal.

This week we discuss less than lethal deterrants and attack methods.

Some good basic less than lethal links (LTL): USAF Summary, BZ Gas, Cs Gas, Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, Pole Capture, Electric Fence, Sound Deterrent, Net Gun, Bola, Concussion Grenade, Sticky Foam, Dart Gun, Flash Bang, Sting Ball, Water Cannon, Vortex Gun, LRAD, Smoke Grenade, Stink Bombs, Pepper Ammo, Taser Rounds, EMP Grenades


00:01:30 – The purpose for using LTL.

00:02:20 – What kinds of things might cause an unattended conflict?

00:04:40 – Is it legal to carry a weapon in the USA?

00:05:50 – What do you think the ramifications of killing someone are vs. using LTL?

00:07:40 – Characters who are opposed to killing.

00:08:40 – Fictional gas LTL weapons.

00:09:20 – Real world LTL gas weapons.

00:09:50 – LTL weapons to capture animals.

00:10:10 – Ability to take out guards/family to infiltrate without killing.

00:11:00 – LTL on an unsuspecting mellor.

00:14:17 – The effectiveness of LTL in D20.

00:16:10 – Using LTL devices on animals.

00:32:40 – Using LTL devices on big animals.

00:34:10 – Fringe pirates who use LTL weapons.

00:36:15 – LTL for stampede control.

00:41:50 – LTL vs. Humans.

00:47:15 – SciFi Riot Foam.

00:48:40 – Esper/Psionic LTL weapons.

00:49:30 – Weapons from Mystery Men.

00:50:50 – Thermal Guns.

00:52:15 – The “Brown Note” device.

00:52:50 – Magical LTL weapons.

00:54:00 – Stink Bombs, odor deterrent.

00:57:20 – Visual deterrent, plague disguise.

00:59:17 – Using a paintball gun with different ammo as a deterrent.

01:02:15 – Taser rounds for firearms.

01:02:45 – Using the old standard rock salt.

01:03:10 – LTL for supernatural creatures

01:03:40 – Specialty bacterial weapons.

01:06:00 – Nano LTL weapons.

01:06:30 – EMP rounds.

01:09:10 – Lightning Gun.

01:13:00 – Information bomb vs. robots.


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