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This week we talk about all the different kinds of vehicles you can use for your land explorations from trucks to assault vehicles and more.

02:00 vehicles have to match the look of vehicles on the world or it will raise notice.

03:00 first recon use dirt bike

05:00 keeping motorcycles quiet (mufflers or electric engine)  Issues with air powered bikes?!v=FgQNRuAaRDk&feature=channel!v=gcZKL_vrw3g&feature=watch_response

07:50 electrifying your electric bike or securing your bike

08:46 Segway across the prairies?


09:31 Don't forget mountain bikes

10:30 Emergency boost from electric motor on standard mountain bike

12:00 ATV

12:20 6 wheeled bug

15:00 using bugs as crawlers

18:50 Larger vehicles (2 wheels means double axle) (for transport, recon, mobile home base)

21:30 armor on vehicles

22:00 The one and only Landmaster

26:30 Exploration vehicles don't have to be commercially feasible so cost isn't a factor.

29:00 Tehrmelern vehicles

30:00 Attack or rescue vehicles

bradley troop carrier



Desert Fast Attack Vehicles?



combat tactical vehicle

Bullet point article on Wizard site for creating stats for vehicles.

39:00 specialty vehicles

bridge building vehicle

road laying vehicle

road train

DUKR (duck)

fire truck

water reclamation vehicle

43:45 antique vehicles can be found on time shifted alternates as new.

47:50 animal mounts still valid on worlds (not on fringe)

55:00 fuel substitutes for diesel engines.


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