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Less than Lethal.

This week we discuss less than lethal deterrants and attack methods.

Some good basic less than lethal links (LTL): USAF Summary, BZ Gas, Cs Gas, Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, Pole Capture, Electric Fence, Sound Deterrent, Net Gun, Bola, Concussion Grenade, Sticky Foam, Dart Gun, Flash Bang, Sting Ball, Water Cannon, Vortex Gun, LRAD, Smoke Grenade, Stink Bombs, Pepper Ammo, Taser Rounds, EMP Grenades


00:01:30 – The purpose for using LTL.

00:02:20 – What kinds of things might cause an unattended conflict?

00:04:40 – Is it legal to carry a weapon in the USA?

00:05:50 – What do you think the ramifications of killing someone are vs. using LTL?

00:07:40 – Characters who are opposed to killing.

00:08:40 – Fictional gas LTL weapons.

00:09:20 – Real world LTL gas weapons.

00:09:50 – LTL weapons to capture animals.

00:10:10 – Ability to take out guards/family to infiltrate without killing.

00:11:00 – LTL on an unsuspecting mellor.

00:14:17 – The effectiveness of LTL in D20.

00:16:10 – Using LTL devices on animals.

00:32:40 – Using LTL devices on big animals.

00:34:10 – Fringe pirates who use LTL weapons.

00:36:15 – LTL for stampede control.

00:41:50 – LTL vs. Humans.

00:47:15 – SciFi Riot Foam.

00:48:40 – Esper/Psionic LTL weapons.

00:49:30 – Weapons from Mystery Men.

00:50:50 – Thermal Guns.

00:52:15 – The “Brown Note” device.

00:52:50 – Magical LTL weapons.

00:54:00 – Stink Bombs, odor deterrent.

00:57:20 – Visual deterrent, plague disguise.

00:59:17 – Using a paintball gun with different ammo as a deterrent.

01:02:15 – Taser rounds for firearms.

01:02:45 – Using the old standard rock salt.

01:03:10 – LTL for supernatural creatures

01:03:40 – Specialty bacterial weapons.

01:06:00 – Nano LTL weapons.

01:06:30 – EMP rounds.

01:09:10 – Lightning Gun.

01:13:00 – Information bomb vs. robots.


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This is a special edition of the Fringeworthy PodCast. A short and sweet dedication to Richard Tucholka and his blushing new bride. Blix talks to John and Bruce about the wedding and he thought the fringers might be interested. Enjoy and congratulations to Richard and Melody from Bruce, John, and Blix, may you have the happiest of lives together!


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